Terms & Condition

Technovinity systems, believes in following honest & ethical business policy. We maintain transparent and fair practices as it will make a good name of our organization. Owing to our sincere approach, we have been able to multiply our client base in quick time. The following are the terms & conditions that clients must agree upon before choosing us as their business partner.
1. Customer should provide the following credentials Name, Address, Phone number and Email address.


2. The timeline of the project will be decided by our management based on your requirements.


3. Any changes required or made by the client after starting of the project may affect the deadline.


4. If project is scrapped mid-way by the customer, we will be charging the complete fee what was decided at the beginning of the assignment.


5. Suggestion given by the client if they are not feasible but still wants them to be implemented, Technovinity systems will not be responsible for any kind of problem later on.


6. Before starting the assignment, our project managers will send a business proposal that you must agree upon.


7. Refund amount will be based on the completion status of the project and the final call will be taken by the CEO.


8. After completion of the project customers have 15 days time to verify the functionality or features of the project. No queries regarding changes in the project will be entertained after 15 days.


9. Once you have signed the business proposal or agreed with the prototype, we will be charging little advance fee just to confirm that you want to go-ahead with the assignment.


10. On completion of every milestone of the assignment we will be charging the remaining balance amount.


11. Free maintenance will be given to the premium package subscribers until the plan expires.


12. We might need to consult you anytime during the assignment via phone or email hence customer should be available. Any delay caused from the side of the customer, we will not be responsible for that.


13. All priced are quoted in American dollar and are exclusive of the taxes.


14. Invoices are processed as per schedule and we offer flexible modes of payment.


15. Any urgent or priority tasks will be charged separately .


16. Customers must keep the record of the e-mail conversation of last 6 months in their database in order to avoid any kind of confusion.


17. Technovinity systems, does not take any responsibility of any third party product or software that will be integrated during the assignment.